Simply do a search for a string when you load your desired level in Cheat Engine. Look for lines that look like F0 00 FC 01 FC 01 01 00, etc (this is your player). Starting from the 5th byte change the FC 01 to anything you like, EG: 0c 00 for Lu Bu and the amount on the 7th byte to anything you like, EG: 0b for 10 bodyguards. There you go. You will now start the stage with troop followers like the AI has. Changing the 8th byte to anything other than 00 seems to cause unusual side effects like an invisible weapon or other odd things. Beyond this, if you add 04 to give yourself a mount it crashes the game. Still unsure what the last 3 bytes do.

Unfortunately the troop followers are very weak and die easily. Not sure yet how to fix it.


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