Greetings from my office,
It’s a good time to invest in stocks since there are more fluctuations (business opportunities and risks). The economy crash 2020 has many similarities to the Great Recession. Let’s compare them to each other and analyze the stock market trends. This video includes 3 parts:
1. Review the most important factor of stock market trends
2. Analyze the stock market in the Great Recession and the economy collapse in 2020
3. Think like big players in stock market

Xin chao cac ban,
2020 la 1 nam tot de dau tu vao chung khoan boi nhung bien dong lien tuc trong thi truong. Moi cac ban theo doi video Phan tich chung khoan o My moi nhat de hieu ro hon ve tinh hinh thi truong chung khoan va khung hoang kinh te vi dai dich Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Video gom 3 phan:
1. Phan tich yeu to quan trong nhat anh huong thi truong chung khoan My
2. Phan tich va so sanh khung hoang kinh te 2020 va Suy thoai kinh te 2007-2009
3. Suy nghi va Quyet dinh nhu 1 nha dau tu chung khoan lon


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