You can unlock Ranmaru Mori for use in Free Mode by completing this request at 31F of Survival Mode. You need to do Mitsuhide’s 1st, Then Ranmaru’s 1st and 2nd request plus Ranmaru’s first to get this one to appear.

The large numbers of Miscreants are annoying as hell. But thankfully, the damage is low. I’m using Nene here.

I figured that since I’m doing a new file all over again, I should unlock the important horses now that I got some power on my side.

Man, this game looks freaking spectacular on the PC. The Xbox 360 version beats it out by a little bit. Just a bit. Anyway, I was going to stick with the version 1.1 patch for this game, but it’s one of those “fix this and break THAT” type of ordeals that borked most of the SFX and controls I am used to.

Stuff sounded wierd, the text written on skills are misalinged, and some elemental effects don’t show properly… I dunno if I could stand it compared to v1.0. As much as I’d like the controlled Frame-skipping fixed, I’ll just stick with the working o-k set.


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